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Why I love food art
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lapis_lunamoth wrote in fun_of_food
So here is a little bit to get the community started. While searching for information on subtelties (which are food items made to look like something else, such as ladyfingers), I came across this archived Mental Floss blog post on food landscape art. It's amazing. I especially like the hazmat guys on the creme brulee.

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Hi! I just joined your community, as it looks like fun!

I do enjoy doing things with food--I used to decorate cakes and have tried my hand at a subtlety or two! I will have to see what pictures I have in my files.

The other lovely thing I love to do is to combine my love of cooking with my love of fanfic, and write recipe!fics!

So, are you only interested in pictures, or would you also welcome links to stories with recipes attached?

And I absolutely adore the link you posted! That first picture looks like a hobbit hole in the Shire!

Thanks for coming; please add to the fun! As long as it's something to do with food and fun, go for it (just keep it family friendly). So links, recipes, etc is all welcome.

Another way I combine my love of textiles and food is to make aprons. I have way too many aprons, but I love them all, and they each have their own story. I even have two gardening aprons, so when I go out and grow the food, I have fun aprons!

I love aprons too! I just finished making one in four colors of gingham the other day. *grin* This is going to be a lot of fun! I mentioned the community on my own LJ! Maybe some people from my own flist will join!

I am co-mod for a community, shire_kitchen, and we are having a recipe!fic challenge this month, in fact!

I was disappointed at the rudeness your
invitation was met with in Knitting..........

There is some very cool food items on ravelry and I haven't made it past fruit!

I experimented with polymer clay several years ago and all of my creations were tiny food items, including a plate less than 2 inches wide with bacon, eggs and toast.

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