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fun_of_food's Journal

Fun Food!
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A community dedicated to the fun exploration and celebration of food!
This community is for folks to discuss, share, and showcase their food art. Did you make an awesome Cthulhu cake? How about some snazzy appetizers for your kids' Harry Potter birthday party? Did you make some cool felted food, or knit a cap in the shape of a strawberry? How about some earrings to look like bread slices? See a funny food-related t-shirt? Do you have a favourite cookbook that showcases how fun food can be? Did you run across or create a stunning food landscape? How about some finger sandwiches shaped like the Titanic for your Molly Brown teaparty? Or maybe you created a whole shebang surrounding your tete-a-tete: costumes, invitations, etc. Did you create something for your homeschool science lesson that turned food into art, or fun? Maybe you made snow candy! Please share them here!

Please put all pictures behind an lj-cut, and there are no adult content pictures/subjects permitted; this is a family-friendly site.

No soapboxing, please. If you feel moved to create with only organic or nontoxic substances, there are other communities for that. We're here to make each other smile and enjoy the fun art of food in all it's incarnations, not nag each other.